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Technical solutions that matter, now and in the future

Manual removal of straps is very dangerous for operators because of the elastic energy and the danger of cuts and falls. Therefore, this task is increasingly taken over by robots. 

Our de-strapping systems for coils can perform the following tasks: 

  • Detection of all straps (circumference and eye) 

  • Identification of the type (steel, aluminium, plastic) 

  • Cutting and puling of all straps 

  • Winding or chopping the straps 

  • Measurement of the coil (outer diameter, inner diameter, width) 

  • Detection and measurement of a spool 

  • Detecting of the tail end 

  • Recognition of the winding direction of the coil 

  • Finding and reading of markings / labels for identification of the coil 

  • Characterisation of the winding quality of the coil 

All features listed have been developed by us in cooperation with our customers. What are your requirements for us? 


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