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Paint Marking

Paint marking refers to all processes in which a cold liquid - containing particles - is applied to a surface for the purpose of marking. The essential components such as paint marking heads and paint supply system have been continuously improved by us over the years, which is why we can offer optimised systems for all applications. 

  • Coils, heavy plates, long products and further 

  • Big letters, small letters 

  • Hot, cold applications 

  • Oily, dirty surfaces 

There is always a possibility to mark with paint!

For the optimisation of the marking process we offer different marking heads, containing 

1 / 7 / 9 / 16 / 32 nozzles. The single nozzle head is used where there is sufficient time to apply a comparably small marking, but in the best quality possible and also for the scribing process, where the human way of writing is copied. Multiple nozzle system improve the resolution of the characters, decrease the marking time, but can also be used for the application of multiple lines in one go. 

The paint supply system has been optimised and standardised too: Beside of the standard paint supply cabinet, also models for ATEX-use, for hot or cold environment are available as well as cabinets for the US-market, being conform to the NEMA / UL regulations. 

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