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Geometry & Position

Engineering, Experience, Excellence 

Measured at a glance: Today, robot vision systems are able to determine the geometries and positions of a wide variety of bodies within a very short time and transmit them to the robot controller. This is not only important when it comes to quickly determining the optimal area for applying a marking, but also when it is necessary to distinguish between two different objects (coil and strap in the case of the de-strapper). 

The following values will be determined by our systems: 

  • Coils: outer and inner diameter, width  

  • Heavy plates: thickness, width, length, flatness, ski, characterisation of head, foot and natural edges 

  • Pipes and tubes: outer and inner diameter, wall thickness at the end, ovality, eccentricity 

  • Profiles: Measurement of the entire profile over the length possible  

For all products the exact position (location, orientation) can be determined. 

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